1. If I make a Total Commitment - what are my chances of success?
No guarantee is given, however if you maintain your commitment throughout the course you will return home totally free of your physical addiction.
Whether you maintain that freedom is entirely in your control. Your continued commitment is essential.
2. What will it cost?
There are various treatment options and associated costs. For details, see SERVICE OPTIONS
3. If I pay in full then cancel, what refund?
Refunds vary dependent upon many factors and range from 25% to 90%.
4. Do I have to eat Thai food?
The canteen now provides a wide range of food, catering for both Thai clients, and non-Thai clients with 'western' style food available.
5. How long will I be away from home?
Approximately 10 days depending on flight availability and your response to treatment.
6. Is the course restricted to males
No, females are also provided for.
7. Am I allowed out during the course?
You are required to remain within the confines of the treatment centre for the duration of your stay.
8. What nationalities attend the courses?
All, and you are expected to respect their customs and traditions - as they will yours.
9. What is your definition of drugs?
All known harmful, addictive, and certain prescription drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

What if I have further questions?
Contact us by either fax or e-mail and your questions will be answered.
Visit the CONTACTS page for details on how to reach us



The specific services provided will vary, according to the service option you choose. Details are provided on the SERVICE OPTIONS page.

  • Return economy flights to Bangkok International Airport
  • Escorted transfers to and from the Monastery, and during your stay in Thailand
  • Full Travel Insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance against sickness or accident whilst in Thailand.(Excluding pre-existing conditions)
  • Clothing that you wear during the course
  • Accommodation and all meals
  • The full course of Detoxification

  • MONK GORDON from New York, a former addict and mercenary. Now free of addiction for many years who, with his brother Monks, will meet and assist you under the leadership and guidance of the Abbot.