ving advised TKB of your arrival and flight Your Driver Paisan (Click to Enlarge)details, on arrival at Bangkok Airport you should, after exiting immigration, turn left and you will be met by our escort driver.

Paisan (pron. pie-san) will be holding a notice board displaying: T.K.B.M and your name.

Paisan will then drive you to the monastery

You will be greeted by the TKBM counsellor Mrs Rambhai (pron. ram-pie) and taken to the administration centre for enrollment. During enrollment, you will surrender any clothing or baggage and any medicines you may be carrying. After providing information for the registration form, you will change into the clothing suitable for the treatment centre.

Mrs Rambhai

The Administration Centre

The Registration Process

Searching the Baggage

Thamkrabok Clothing

Prior to commencing your treatment, you will be required to speak an oath in which you give your personal commitment to complete the treatment and to forego drugs and alcohol for your future life. Although spoken before a statue of Buddah, your oath is purely symbolic in that it requires you to give a personal, spoken commitment, witnessed by the attending monk.

Voicing of the Oath

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