Located in the mountains approximately one hundred and twenty kilometres due north of Bangkok the Thamkrabok Monastery has been offering Detoxification and Rehabilitation to those addicted to harmful substances for over fifty years.

Over this period the Abbot and his monks have saved thousands of their countrymen from the long term effects of drug addiction. The treatment is provided to Thai addicts at little or no cost to them or their families as a part of the goodwill of the Monastery in supporting its people.

The occasional European, familiar with local custom, was also offered the treatment and it was found that the same incredibly high success rate was achieved with non-Asian addicts.

In 1990 the current International Co-ordinator of Courses was appointed by the Abbot to organise groups of addicts from Australia, and to spread the word of Thamkrabok. This resulted in other nations becoming aware of the services offered.

The costs of providing the treatment to foreigners is beyond the resources of the monastery and are now offset by the required mandatory donations made by overseas addicts. These donations are also used to extend the services offered within the monastery.

In a country renowned for its harsh treatment of drug dealers, the proposal to bring in overseas addicts for detoxification required the support of the Thai Royal Family who support the good work of the Monastery.

At end 1999 almost 400 Australian addicts have travelled to Thamkrabok and undergone this radical detoxification process.

Of these less than 30% have returned to their former addiction, the greater majority remaining clear of substance abuse. The Abbot and the Monks operating the programme have proven that no addict is beyond redemption, every addict leaving Thamkrabok after taking this radical course has been detoxified with none of the normal side effects. They stress that this course is a chance at a drug free future but the long term result lies in the will of the addict. They are provided with the opportunity of a second start at life.

Nobody is claiming to have a miracle cure for the problem of Drug and Alcohol Addiction. If the addict has no desire to beat his or her addiction they are not welcome at Thamkrabok.

Addicts travelling to Thamkrabok are required to comply with the terms and conditions of the Foundation and the Monastery. Should they fail to do so they are liable to be transported directly to the airport under escort and returned to their place of domicile.

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