Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery
Lot 1,Kingsbury Drive, Serpentine, W.A. 6125
Telephone: ++61 8 9525 2420
Facsimile: ++61 8 9525 3420

"Most hungry fish, seeing the juicy worm, will swallow the bait that hides the deadly hook. Just as a good friend of yours, hungry for satisfaction, acceptance or meaning, will take the exciting drug which hides the deadly addiction.

It is the goal of the Thamkrabok Foundation, based in Australia, to remove the obnoxious hook of drug addiction and sever the line which leads to tragic death.

Detoxification, though, is only half our aim. We also want to encourage the hungry fish to be wary of juicy worms and seek their food in safer streams - meaning that we will strive to support those former addicts in leading a meaningful life which does away with the very need for drugs!

We therefore offer you our services, seek your support and wish you all well."

Ajahn Brahmavamso, Abbot of Bodhinyana Monastery and Patron of the Thamkrabok Foundation

May all beings be happy and well