The following rules and conditions shall apply to all who commit to undergo the

at the

For those of you in countries other than Thailand intending to seek assistance, and if you are ready to make and maintain your commitment then please read the message below.
Once understood, and if you are prepared to accept these Terms and Conditions you are invited to make contact with
The Thamkrabok Foundation Incorporated.
Who will advise you, and prepare the path for you.

Should you reside in Thailand please contact the Monastery Direct.
Tel: 036 266 067
(During Office Hours)


Upon arrival at the Monastery you will be required to undergo the admission formalities. This includes signing papers which state that you understand the rules and conditions which apply throughout your stay. That you commit yourself to faithfully and fully comply with those rules and conditions.


  1. All must take a VOW never to use addictive substances for the remainder of their life, and must complete all admission formalities.

  2. The duration of the course of detoxification is seven days, and until this is completed you will not be permitted to exit the course.

  3. During the first five days:
    1. All must take the liquid herbal medicine once a day.
      This will expel the toxins from the body.

    2. All must, and as directed, take two herbal tablets daily.
      These will also assist in expelling the toxins from the body.

    3. All must take an herbal medicine/tonic and steambath daily.
      This combination will further cleanse and refresh the body.

  4. The final two days of the course are for resting and recuperation, and will be spent in the treatment Centre. The daily steambath procedure will still be a requirement

  5. Throughout the entire course all patients will be restricted to the Treatment Centre

  6. Upon application, and providing the conduct of the applicant has not been a cause for concern, an extended stay at the Monastery may be granted.
    Those wishing to stay beyond the course period of seven days will be required to reside within the Treatment Centre. However:-
    1. During the first fifteen days at the Monastery they may exit the Treatment Centre, for the sole purpose of working under the supervision of the Monks.
    2. From the sixteenth day and for the duration of their stay they may visit all parts of the Monastery under the supervision of the authorities.

  7. All are responsible for their personal hygiene and cleanliness, and must accept full responsibility for the cleanliness and tidiness of their sleeping quarters and ablutions.

  8. The Monks and Nuns who supervise and care for you are committed to their chosen task.
    They devote their skills and time for the wellbeing and eventual freedom of addiction of all that enter the Treatment Centre. They also have their Buddhist Monastic duties and responsibilities.
    Their commitments, and their station in life, are to be respected.

  9. Whilst at the Monastery you may meet folk from other parts of the world seeking the same result as yourself. Whatever their race, sex, colour or religion - you are required to respect them as we expect them to respect you.

  10. Insurance. Whilst it is not a requirement, all international patients are encouraged to arrange insurance against sickness, accident and transit prior to departing from their normal place of residence. Here the Foundation can assist you.

  11. During your time on the course, apart from matters of extreme urgency, you will not be permitted to make telephone or facsimile contact with anyone.

  12. When the time arrives for you to depart and return to your home you will have a farewell session with (at least) one of the Senior Monks.


  1. We use The Vow to give the patients confidence and power to be freed from their respective addictions.

  2. We use work for the purpose of rehabilitation of the mind and the body. In Buddhism we believe that working within a Monastery or Temple will earn merit.

  3. Food and personal requirements are all available within the Monastery, and patients are required to make their own purchases.

  4. No charges whatsoever are sought for the services provided by the Monks and Nuns. To cover the costs of the Monastery, which are many and varied, we rely solely on donations.

  5. Voluntary Donations will be gratefully received and faithfully applied.

  6. The Abbot, his Monks and Nuns truly believe that patients without means can be assisted relying solely on donations.


  1. Daily Meditation.

  2. Daily teaching sessions.

  3. Attending the Evening Chanting.

  4. Offering active support and assistance to new arrivals.

  5. Working within the Monastery under supervision of the Monks and Nuns. This will assist you in regaining your physical strength and confidence, and of course gaining Merit.

  6. Regular exercise.

  7. Literature. If you are a reader you may bring along as many books as you wish.

  8. Table Tennis. Maybe we can see how good you are!

  9. Television and Video. These are also available, and should you care to you may bring along some movies of your own.


When you leave home and make your way to the Thamkrabok Monastery, you are an addict.
As you return home to all that is so familiar, you will very quickly come to appreciate that you have changed physically. The addiction, the physical craving and the need for a hit are not there.
But nothing else has changed.
All that you turn your back on as you head for the Monastery will be there when you return.
Your family, your addicted and non-addicted friends, your workmates, yes and even your supplier will be there.
The supplier will do his level best to get you started again on your former addiction. Even a couple of freebees to start with, or, "No problem, pay me later." There is no way he wants to lose your business.
Will you be strong enough to face him and say, "No thanks, that's all behind me now."?
Those who love and support you will be watching your every move. "Going out? Where are you going? Can I come along with you?" Will you be able to handle it?
It will be very difficult for you, and for those who love and support you.
Maintain your commitment, and as the days unfold you will regain your full strength and resolve, and your self respect and dignity. But only if you truly want it.

All within the Monastery and at the Foundation wish you good health, lots of happiness and success in your life.