The Project and Why it is Needed

Since the commencement of the Detoxification Service at the Thamkrabok Monastery by Mae-Chi Mian and Luangphaw Chamroon Parnchand back in 1959 we have received world wide acclaim and recognition on the success of the service we offer.

The works of Luangphaw Chamroon were recognised in 1975, when he was honoured by receiving the prestigious Mag Say Say Award from the Rockefeller Foundation. It is a matter of record that to attend the seminar and receive the award he, accompanied by two senior Monks, made the 260 kilometre journey to and from Bangkok by walking the entire distance.

Throughout the years, in addition to the Thais that seek treatment and a cure for their addictions, an ever increasing number of addicts arrive at the Monastery from all parts of the world. It is recorded that so many of these people have arrived at our doorstep without financial resources or even their return airline ticket to carry them home. All have been 'helped' to return home after being freed of their addiction.

The facilities and resources required to accomodate, feed and treat these people have been stretched to the limit. Thus far none have been denied. Any further increase in the numbers arriving without prior arrangement could result in a denial of access. This would expose them to extreme danger. This must be avoided.

At my personal request my friends in Australia have created The Thamkrabok Foundation Incorporated. They have at my request, under my authority and with my blessing, structured a system whereby they carefully investigate each Australian addict that comes to them for assistance. The addict, having been fully informed of what he or she will face during the period of detoxification, is then required to make their personal commitment. From this point the Foundation, having received the modest fee, then makes all the arrangements which includes flights, transit to the Monastery, protection throughout by providing full insurance and a personal escort.

The services provided by the Australian Foundation continues to expand and is now recognised worldwide. They also have their services promoted on the Internet, on this Website.

I personally encourage all nations that they should consider contacting the Australian Foundation who would be happy to assist other nations follow their example.

With almost immediate effect The Thamkrabok Monastery will adopt a policy that addicts from overseas should be discouraged from making the journey to the Monastery in the hope that they may be accepted for a cure. That for their own safety and protection the only method of ensuring acceptance is if certain procedures and guidelines are strictly adhered to.

The policy now being that their arrival must be pre-arranged.

The efficient implementation of this policy can only be successfull if it is given the full support of the participating Nations. In this we seek your support, participation and co-operation.

Naturally any constructive ideas and comments you have to offer will be considered.

To allow the Monastery to concentrate solely on the Detoxification Course and Rehabilitation, the Administration of this project will be conducted by the Thamkrabok Foundation Incorporated in Australia. At my request they have agreed to support and participate, sharing both their knowledge and experience with you.

I invite you to contact the Executive Director of the Thamkrabok Foundation, Mrs Maria Bannister.

TKBF Mailing Address

P.O. Box 139, Osborne Park, W.A. 6917, Australia
Telephone: ++61 8 9443 8184
Facsimile: ++61 8 9443 8184
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Luangphaw Charoen Parnchand Abbot Thamkrabok Monastery Phra Puttabath Saraburi, Thailand November 1999